Hear from Andrea's Clients

Great for Cross Training

Andrea is a top notch instructor who really knows her business. Been taking classes online since March and have really enjoyed working with her. Highly recommend. The classes work great as a supplement to weight lifting training because it hits areas of the body that weightlifting might miss! I’m stronger all around because of it.

– Rachel M., September 2020

Sweating From a Few (Thousand) Miles Away

I feel SO fortunate to be able to take virtual classes with Andrea! We are separated by a few thousand miles, but her instruction is clear and concise, always spot on. I’ve been working with kbells for a number of years but her (very hard) classes have pushed me to better form and more intense workouts, and helped me get rid of some chronic aches. She is the best!

– Judy Musto, September 2020

Great Virtual Instructor

I started working with Andrea when the COVID-19 pandemic hit as a way to keep moving now that the gyms had closed. She’s a great teacher who provides plenty of detail on how do the exercises safely and effectively. I can easily follow her cues and she’s keen on answering questions and providing guidance. Her classes have kept me sane and in shape during a time when all my usual workout methods were unavailable.

– Rebecca B., September 2020

Highly Recommended Trainer

Andrea is an AMAZING Instructor!! I cannot say enough good things about her knowledge on how to work around injuries, and her attention to correct form! If you every get the chance to work with her either in person or via online it will be both challenging and informative! I highly recommend her as a Trainer!

– Julia P., September 2020


Andrea has great technique and is very knowledgeable regarding Kettlebells, exercise and rehab. She is precise in her instruction, will correct your form and stresses safety. She varies the classes and gives you a great workout. It has made a difference in getting my muscles to fire as they should.

– Jean Kerkes, 2020

“Kettlebell Goddess”

Andrea’s format of verbal explanation, demo, then participant practice was a good balance and kept things moving, while allowing for and ensuring understanding.

Andrea is clearly an expert, and truly a “Kettlebell Goddess.” She knows her stuff!!

– Matthew Fideler, May 2019

Dragon Door HKC Workshop

Rating: 10/10

I recently attended Dragon Door’s HKC course in Minneapolis, MN. Andrea’s skill and expertise as a Kettlebell instructor and her ability to communicate the techniques in an easy to understand way, was an incredible experience. I walked into the course thinking I knew a thing or two about training with kettlebells, but within 5 minutes of the course I realized I knew very little. This workshop was hands down one of the best “certification” courses I have ever taken! Thank you Andrea for your superb hands on instruction, keen observations and skill based training!

– Kathy, 2019

KB Goddess DVD – Excellent!

Rating: 10/10

I find Andrea’s “Kettlebell Goddess Workout” DVD extremely helpful even though I train with a great RKC instructor. I can review the exercises between training sessions or any time I feel like I need a refresher on something. I can double check to be sure I’m doing the exercises correctly. Her instructions are great. They are clear, easy to follow and well demonstrated. I especially like the fact that she designed the tape to hear the correct breathing for the exercises. Getting your breath right is an important part of each exercise. She makes it easy to follow her breathing as well as easy to follow her movements. Andrea has also done a great job laying out a variety of structured workouts plus upper body, lower body and cardio exercises so you can design your own workout. The DVD is full of useful information! I’ve never had the opportunity to train with her personally, but I would love to! Based on what I’ve seen on her DVD, she’s terrific!
– Katherine Vessenes, Shorewood, MN

Top Notch

Rating: 10/10

I’ve had the pleasure to learn from and work alongside Andrea through the years and her knowledge is top notch! There is a reason she is a Master instructor. Her professionalism and ability to transfer knowledge is as good as it gets. I highly recommend training & learning from her!

– Kurt, 2018

Great HKC Instructor

Rating: 10/10

Andrea’s presence really commands a room. I knew she was a great instructor based on her squat instruction at the HKC.
– Nikky Parsons, 2016

Personalized Instruction from an Intuitive Instructor

Rating: 10/10

Andrea is so incredibly aware, reflective and intuitive. She knew my weaknesses physically and psychologically within minutes and used all of those insights to really focus her training with me. She knew when and how to push me and motivate me. She was able to personalize and fine-tune each drill for every individual. I’m incredibly impressed by the extent of her knowledge and her professionalism all while keeping the environment fun and relaxing.
– Laura Rogers, San Diego – 2016

Awesome Team Leader

Rating: 10/10

Andrea was my Team Leader at this October RKC class and she was a fantastic instructor. I thought my form was OK going into the class and soon found out how wrong I was and Andrea and her team quickly set about correcting my form. Throughout the entire weekend, Andrea was constantly reinforcing correct form and technique. Andrea consistently, yet firmly, reinforced proper form and technique on all exercises throughout the entire weekend. By the end of the class, my form and technique was 1,000% improved and I am thankful to her for her time and effort to help me better at KB lifting. Andrea addressed each student individually as needed and it was a pleasure to have a professional approach to instructing and she was a professional.
– Bryan Malatesta

Bryan Malatesta

Andrea is the Bomb!

Rating: 10/10

I have had a lot of trainers in my time–but if I could only pick one, it would be Andrea. She is unbelievable and has me totally hooked on kettlebells. You can’t go wrong with this gal–be prepared for the workout of your life.
– Katherine Vessenes, Shorewood, MN

Andrea Addresses Her Client’s Needs

Rating: 10/10

Andrea Du Cane was incredible. No showing off, straightforward, tough love. It was really nice having someone that knew how to address common issues with female clients that are often overlooked.
– Aileen Pfitzer, September 2016

A Patient, Brilliant Instructor

Rating: 10/10

I had the great pleasure to have Andrea as my RKC recert (master) instructor this past weekend. Andrea always displays great patience, with the right mix of tough love to break down each exercise to make learning fun. For example, she broke down the TGU into four quadrants, with perfect demonstrations, of each movement to the point that I finally felt confident performing this exercise. This was my third time training with Andrea and she always shares with us her vast knowledge in kinesiology and muscle physiology. This greatly helps explain ‘why’ certain exercises are are to performed and if done incorrectly, can have a negative impact on your fitness.
– Don

A High-Class, High-Quality Instructor

Rating: 10/10

I have had the good fortune of learning from Andrea in a weekly class, which is one of the reasons I registered for the HKC seminar held in early May in St. Louis Park. I knew that, even if it were to be difficult, I would learn a lot. And, I was right on both counts. The day was extremely rewarding. Andrea is a thoughtful, experienced instructor. Her ability to break down the movements into small steps, helping us focus on each one is exceptional. Her attention to safety and detail are something many instructors overlook. Best of all, she is enthusiastic about all of the good that comes from this sport. I was more motivated than ever to keep practicing and keep learning. There is no one better at this than Andrea Du Cane.
– Meredith

An Outstanding Workshop

Rating: 10/10

I attended Andrea’s workshop here in South Florida this past weekend and can say unequivocally that she is a superb instructor, patient teacher…and tough love administrator! She’s extremely attentive and helpful, correcting and refining positions, technique and philosophy. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to attend the workshop and look forward to maximizing my workouts.
– Hugh Williamson, Florida

Technique Master

Rating: 10/10

I orginally sought out Andrea for expertise in helping me prepare for the RKC certification. I am very glad I did. In my opinion, Andrea has the best eye for technique and a personal solution to help anyone perform kettlebell exercises with precision and maximum benefit. As a result, as a practicing RKC with many happy clients, I am able to deliver quality instruction at the highest level. I continue to seek advisement from Andrea because I know it will be the best. In preparation for the RKC 2 certification, I once again sought out Andrea. We practiced Z-health techniques. This one session releived the painful symptoms and restored mobility to an ankle joint I severely sprained several years ago that physical therapists, podiatrists, and other therapists have not had succes in treating. I can not wait to see Andrea again for more gains. Furthermore, there is tremendous potential to my own competitive cross country skiing as a result of this technique. I am a former national caliber athlete (participant in 2 Olympic Trials) and readily see what improved ankle flexion could add to my performance. Finally, getting back to RKC 2 certification readiness. I was able to perform a pistol the day after one session. The technique I had orginally sought Andrea for. Without her input, I am certain I would still be struggling with pistols. Andrea is the Technique Master.
– John Rock, Arden Hills, MN


Rating: 10/10

I’ve been working out with kettlebells coming up to two years in May, during which time I have had a variety of instructors. I recently took two two hour classes from Andrea DuCane and I almost felt like I was in a beginner’s class. What I mean about that is that I certainly didn’t think that my form was perfect, but I thought I was pretty close. The number of nuances she found and adjustments she made were pretty amazing. She is truly a Master Instructor.
– Ron Wetzell, Minneapolis, MN