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ISOCHAIN training program


Be the First to Take Advantage of this Isometric Breakthrough

What is the ISOCHAIN? Imagine this, for a moment…

Imagine a device you could carry around with you, solid as steel but weighing only a few pounds, which takes up less than two square feet of floor space—no need for a commercial or home gym.

Imagine being able to perform all the very best strength drills on that device—deadlifts, squats, rows, curls, presses, shrugs, triceps presses, grip holds, and so on with up to a thousand pounds resistance.

Imagine if that device could, with digital precision, display how much force output you are generating, calculate your maximum and average workload, and even audibly tell you when you’ve hit your target weight or when your set is done.

Imagine that device for a price less than an Olympic barbell set.

This is the ISOCHAIN.

35lb Kettlebell

Authentic Russian Kettlebells

Authentic Russian Kettlebells with a Rust Resistant E-Coat

Add The Official RKC, Military-Grade Kettlebell to Your Arsenal! Durable, resilient and perfectly designed to give you years of explosive gains in strength, endurance and power!

  • Made of cast iron for ultimate durability
  • Coated with a rust-resistant e-coat for better wear and tear
  • Thick handles for better grip
  • Available in weights ranging from 4 kg – 60 kg (10 lbs – 132 lbs)

Bodyweight Master™ Free Standing Pull Up Bar

The all-terrain, all-purpose battle tank of home exercise equipment

Heavy-duty hardware, designed by calensthetics experts to specifically address the demands of the most hardcore bodyweight exercise fanatics. This free-standing pull-up bar is built tough and comes with detachable units and bars that allow all kinds of heights and challenges.

  • 2 detachable Dip units and bars which can be mounted at 7 different heights
  • 1.5″ diameter, 5″ circumference Pull Up Bar
  • 7 adjustable Pull Up bar heights: from 5’ 2″ to 8’ 4″
  • 3’ 11″ wide x 4’ 11.5″ long base provides strong stability
  • Height can be set as low as 5’2″ (62″) to a max of 8’4″ (100″)
  • Guaranteed and tested to hold up to 350 lbs.
  • Holes in the base allow unit to be screwed into the floor, for additional stability
  • Easy assembly & disassembly
  • Wobble free


The CrossCore® System

Your Gym-in-a-Bag

CrossCore®’s patented pulley system separates the device from any other suspended bodyweight product on the market. The CrossCore System represents a revolution in suspended bodyweight training.

Following the CrossCore® HardCore instructional program, you can use the CrossCore® to:

  • Achieve the same strength and power gains you’d expect from the most intense dumbbell or barbell workout—without having to go to the gym
  • Develop extreme rotational strength—a game changer for any martial artist
  • Make your workouts heavier or lighter in mid-set with one easy adjustment
  • Improve your flexibility, joint health and range of motion—for greater athleticism
  • Boost testosterone and growth hormone levels for massive muscle gains—in 20 minutes just twice a week
  • Learn to squat perfectly—even if you are a beginner
  • Sprint faster, jump higher, kick and punch harder


CrossCore® Home Kit

The CrossCore® Home Kit allows for easy and safe use of your CrossCore® System at home, at the office, or while you travel. The door strap simply fits through the protective Door Pad and the pulley housing, making set-up and take down occur in just seconds. The whole system and home kit fits nicely in your carry bag.

Front view of kettlebell rack. Holds up to 1,400lbs
Empty Kettlebell Rack

Kettlebell Rack

Safely store up to 1,400 lbs of kettlebells

This premium, heavy-duty Kettlebell Storage Rack is built like a tank! The well-engineered design allows you to easily access and store your complete arsenal of bells, while enhanced safety features allow you to chain bells to avoid potential injury to young children and uneducated users.

  • Durable powdercoat
  • Weight: 63.50 kg (approx. 140 lbs)
  • 4 shelves for organizing different weights
  • Holds up to 1,400 lbs
    • Top shelf: holds up to 80 kg (~176 lbs) for smaller kettlebells
    • Second shelf: holds up to 120 kg (~264 lbs) for medium-size kettlebells
    • Third shelf: holds up to to 200 kg (~440 lbs) of medium/large-size kettlebells
    • Fourth shelf: holds up to 250 kg (~550 lbs) of large-extra large-size kettlebells
  • Dimensions:
    • Width (at base): 53 inches
    • Depth (at base): 23 inches
    • Height: 51 inches
    • Depth of shelves (from bottom to top): 9.5 inches; 9 inches; 8 inches; 6 inches
  • Chain feature for enhanced safety



Torture Your Core, Develop a Vice-Like Grip, Toughen Your Wrists, Sculpt Your Forearms, Hammer Your Pecs—With the Neuro-Grip Push-Up Challenge!

This style of push-up has been around for quite a while. They are sometimes referred to as iron cross, T-grip , or spike handle push-ups. The Neuro-Grip is an upgrade of the many T-shaped push-up handles currently out there. Using the Neuro-Grips dramatically increases the intensity of the push-up exercise. Neuro-Grip push-ups work the whole body as a unit, increasing neuromuscular efficiency.



No Gym, No Bench, No Weights — No Problem! Explode Your Strength With Neuro-Rack Isometrics

The Neuro-Rack produces tremendous strength gains through isometric versions of high-yield barbell lifts. Many people would like to perform heavy-duty isometric exercises but don’t have access to a power rack. Enter the Neuro-Rack. Portable, heavy-duty, and accessible, the Neuro-Rack is the perfect companion for a wide range of users and abilities, from champion powerlifters to bodyweight enthusiasts.

  • Steel Diamond Plate with 2 Links, 40″ x 16″
  • Black, powder coated
  • Chain & Hooks:
    • 2 – 1/4″ Steel 9′ Chains
    • 4 – 3/8″ Straight Spring Snap Hooks
  • Steel Bar with 4 Links, 1″ diameter, 60″ length
  • Total Weight: approx 72 lbs


Ab Pavelizer II

Ab Pavelizer II, Easily Assembled Model

The Ab Pavelizer™ II’s new sleek-‘n-light design guarantees a perfect sit-up by forcing you to do it right. Now, escape or half-measures are impossible. Sit down at the Ab Pavelizer™ II and a divine slab of abs will be served up whether you like it or not. You’ll startle yourself in your own mirror!

The secret to the Ab Pavelizer™ II is in the extra-active resistance it provides you. The ultimate in ab workout equipment, this cunning device literally pushes up against your calves (you’d almost swear it was a human partner) and forces you to recruit your glutes and hamstrings.