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About Kettlebell Training

Group Personal Training. Quick Workouts. Maximum Results.

Our Kettlebell Classes are offered in a group format, and all levels and abilities are welcome! Classes are 1-hour and feature a warm-up, sets of various exercises to give you a total-body workout, and end with a cool-down and stretching. Various sizes and weights of kettlebells are available for use during the class, and included in class fee. Learn more about the benefit of kettlebell workouts.

All group kettlebell class are offered LIVE on zoom! If you live across the city or the county you can still attend my group kettlebell classes. For more information on how to register for the live classes send Andrea an email.

Recordings of all live kettlebell zoom classes are available for later viewing.

We also offer personal kettlebell training. Please see our Personal Training page for more information!

Weekly Live Kettlebell Zoom Classes

Classes are weekly and as follows:
Monday: 5-6pm CST
Tuesday: 12-1pm CST
Thursday: 12-1pm CST
Saturday: 11am-12pm CST


Andrea Du Cane
Master Kettlebell Instructor

Information & Registration

Kettlebell Virtual Classes – live and recorded!

Andrea now offers her incredible experience and coaching skills in group classes online. You can choose to attend the classes live or be sent the recorded sessions for later viewing. She offers four classes a week.

Andrea is available before or after the class for questions and comments. If you feel you need a technical “ramp-up” you might consider a couple private sessions to make sure you are ready to jump into class. 

Before attending class please fill out the health/fitness questionnaire*. The more we know about you the better the experience you will have!

Class/video access options: 

1) Monthly access to all live and recorded classes is $100.

2) Drop-in classes are $20, contact Andrea before class to receive the zoom link or recorded class. 

3) Andrea offers an option for attending/receiving 1 class a week per month. Please contact us for more information.

Payment options accepted:

Google Pay:


Apple Pay: please contact Andrea

Zelle: or

Cash or check: locals only

For questions or more detailed information about classes, format or levels and abilities, please send us a message using our online form.

*This questionnaire is managed through Google Forms. A new page will open where you will fill out the form.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

  • High intensity, low repetition, full body
  • Cardio conditioning and fat burning
  • Increases muscular endurance, functional strength and coordination
  • Increases flexibility, agility and mobility
  • Prevents injury by developing strength and flexibility simultaneously
  • Off-set weight results in full-range of motion
  • Work at your own strength and fitness level

View detailed online class program design information here.