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About Online Personal Training with Andrea

Your personal trainer at your fingertips!

If you are looking for an individualized approach to help you reach your fitness goals and to keep you on track, Online Personal Training is for you. I offer personal training in Kettlebell technique, Pilates and movement based exercises tailored to your individual needs. All training programs include diet and lifestyle coaching as well as weekly accountability.

We will meet “in person” via zoom so I can coach you in real time.  You have a choice of how often we meet live during the month. I design a personalized program for you and update it as needed from your feedback and results.  For easy reference and accountability, I use a google spreadsheet so you can fill in exactly what you do each workout and it’s shared real time. This allows you to train when it’s convenient for you with all the benefits of being in person. I encourage check-ins via email or text throughout the month with questions or comments.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, you may choose to schedule an in-person training session with me. This can be worked in to your on-going online training program. To schedule an in-person training session, please send me a message.

We ask that all new clients fill out our online Personal Coaching Client Questionnaire*. This will give us more information about your current health and fitness level and goals, and help me create the best plan for you.

For questions or more information about online personal training, please send us a message.

*This questionnaire is managed through Google Forms. A new page will open where you will fill out the form.

Andrea Du Cane is Director of Certifications for Dragon Door Publications, a Master RKC Kettlebell Instructor, CKFMS certified, CICS certified, Primal Move National Instructor and RIST, ZHealth certified, and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, ACEGF.

She has written and produced three DVDs — The Kettlebell Goddess Workout, a top selling Kettlebell DVD on, Working With Special Populations, and her most recent The Kettlebell Boomer. Her Ageless Body Book was released Fall of 2011. Andrea has been an annual presenter at the EMPOWER! conference.

How Does Online Training Work?

After an initial meeting I will build a customized training plan for you to follow. Track your workouts on the worksheets provided, and together we will review your progress and tweak your plan as needed.

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