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Secrets of the Windmill (video)

A Deep Dive into The Athletic Benefits of This Remarkable Yet Under-Utilized Exercise
By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC

Video (Online). Runtime: 43 minutes

A Deep Dive into The Athletic Benefits of This Remarkable Yet Under-Utilized Exercise
The Windmill can improve both upper-body and lower-body flexibility, mobility, stability and strength—and is the next best step after perfecting the Get Up.

The obvious benefits—and the hidden benefits:
The obvious benefits of the windmill are similar to the Get-Up and Arm Bar. The windmill builds shoulder stability and strength, at the same time the T-spine is developing mobility and flexibility.
The hidden benefit and challenge of the Windmill is the flexibility that is required of the lower body. The often intense fascial stretch of the IT band of the loaded leg and the stretch on the hamstring/adductor of the unloaded side, are challenged by performing a proper Windmill.

The common mistakes and the proper way to do it:
The set-up is everything! Know the direction your feet are pointing.
Correct spinal alignment is crucial for a safe and effective windmill.
The movement pattern is spinal flexion & T-spine rotation.
Know where the load is carried—how much weight is on the front foot?

Stretches to prepare for the Windmill: chest, hips and legs.

Kneeling windmill: take the legs, hips & feet out of it.
Low windmills.
Modifications for older or de-conditioned populations:
Kneeling windmills with bands. Standing windmill modifications.
Upper body. Lower body
Advanced double kettlebell Windmills
How to integrate Windmills into your workouts

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The Kettlebell Goddess Workout (DVD)

How to Achieve and Maintain a Divine Body — with the World’s Most Effective Tool for Weight Loss, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility
By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC; Acc. by Kristann Heinz, MD, RKC and Nicole DuCane, RKC

DVD. Runtime: 2 hours, 25 minutes

The ancient Greek Goddesses were famous for their vigorous and vibrant strength, their power, their grace and their physical elegance. Now you have a realistic chance to make even a Greek Goddess green with envy as you match—if not surpass—them for athletic grace and high performance! In this superbly produced, interactive, menu-based kettlebell workout DVD, Master RKC, Andrea Du Cane challenges and inspires you to seize that ideal of elegant strength and make it your own.

Andrea’s powerful array of authentic kettlebell workouts, plus cool downs and stretches, are guaranteed to reward you with greater energy, greater well being, greater strength and a superb figure. Fit for the Goddess you know you are! Choose from a wide variety of Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs and Cardio workouts, then mix and match to create your own customized training program for godly perfection. Your results will be strictly divine…

Working With Special Populations (DVD)

An Advanced RKC Training Resource: 101 Ways to Turn “Zeroes” into “Heroes” Using Kettlebells, Bands, Balls and Mobility Drills
By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC

2-DVD Set. Runtime: 1 hour, 57 minutes

This complete program shows you step-by-step how to help the deconditioned, the challenged, the injured and the out-of-shape regain control—and shine again physically.
Most RKC instructors are in fantastic physical shape.

However, show up at an RKC certification workshops and take a look at the 100+ unsuspecting victims who volunteer to be put through the mill by RKC candidates. You will see folks ranging from carrying around an 200 pounds to spindly, skeletals without a shred of noticeable muscle.
What’s the commonality among this range? Despite their individual challenges, they have all shown up with the hope of transcending their current limitations through the use of kettlebells. The great news is that the RKC program has built a system of expertise that can genuinely help what is known in the industry as “special populations”.

As a Senior RKC with a multi-disciplinary background and a particular concern for this client-base, Andrea Du Cane has helped hundreds of her clients break through their particular physical challenges—and live more vigorous, satisfied lives.

The Level II RKC certification teaches our instructors a multitude of methods to address corrective, preventive and restorative issues for their clients. Andrea Du Cane’s thorough and broad-ranging presentation on Working with Special Populations was extremely well received—and, as with the other Senior presentations at this Level II RKC, we have therefore decided to make it available to the public.

Of course you don’t have to be an RKC—or a “Spec Pop”—to benefit enormously from the wealth of amazing information Andrea shares with you in the Working With Special Populations DVD. The material is priceless, whatever your condition or athletic background.

The Kettlebell Boomer (DVD)

How to Defy Aging and Be a Human Dynamo Throughout Your Senior Years—Thanks to Kettlebells
By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC

DVD. Runtime: 2 hours, 50 minutes

Nothing ages us faster than the lack of regular, effective exercise. Muscles melt away, bones go brittle, posture stoops, skin sags, flab hangs—and joints creak. Pain, fear and fatigue become our constant companions.

The good news is that there is one form of exercise which can give you immeasurable health benefits, whatever your age. Regular, well-designed kettlebell workouts may not only reverse many symptoms of aging, but will actively contribute to building your strength and power well into your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Andrea Du Cane’s Kettlebell Boomer presents a complete De-Aging Masterplan, that gives everyone from the raw novice to the experienced athlete an opportunity to defy physical decline and hone themselves—safely, simply and progressively—into the muscular, energetic, magnetic specimens they deserve to be.

Intrinsic Excellence (Book)

Business Development and Leadership Systems for Success in Personal Training
By Rolando Garcia III

Book. 200 pages, paperback

The proven success-driver revealed in Intrinsic Excellence is known as the The Four Core Competencies method—or 4C. The 4C method is a heart-based yet scientific formula for sustainable growth in a people-centric business. 4C has consistently produced high-performance trainers with high-income businesses—while turning two personal training divisions in a major corporation from historic lows into record-breaking highs.

4C all but guarantees the dedicated fitness professional the ability to achieve high levels of success in personal training, while creating opportunities for growth that go beyond their current field. This innovative method can prove a veritable lifesaver for the personal trainer—because it clearly defines what is necessary for success, how to specifically achieve that success, but most importantly how that success directly affects personal development for both trainer and every customer with whom they interact.

The Ageless Body (Book)

How to Remain a Human Dynamo and Retain a Perfect Physique—With the Magic of Kettlebells 
By Andrea DuCane, Master RKC

Book. 159 pages, 237 photos, charts and illustrations, paperback
Also available in ebook format.

Nothing ages us faster than the lack of regular, effective exercise. Muscles melt away, bones go brittle, posture stoops, skin sags, flab hangs—and joints creak. Pain, fear and fatigue become our constant companions.

The good news is that there is one form of exercise which can give you immeasurable health benefits, whatever your age. Regular, well-designed kettlebell workouts may not only reverse many symptoms of aging, but will actively contribute to building your strength and power well into your 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Andrea Du Cane’s Ageless Body presents a complete De-Aging Masterplan, that gives everyone from the raw novice to the experienced athlete an opportunity to defy physical decline and hone themselves—safely, simply and progressively—into the muscular, energetic, magnetic specimens they deserve to be.

Strong Medicine (Book)

How to Conquer Chronic Disease—And Achieve Your Full Genetic Potential
By Dr. Chris Hardy and Marty Gallagher

Book. 604 pages, paperback

According to Strong Medicine, there are two main drivers causing almost all preventable diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and accelerated aging: chronic inflammation and chronic oxidative stress. High vitality, optimal health and sustainable strength can only be achieved by a properly-informed plan to understand, identify and conquer the enemies of our wellbeing.

The only way to sustain a healthy, vigorous life is to make long-term lifestyle changes—across the board, be it through nutrition, resistance training, cardio or stress management. Strong Medicine shows you how to achieve an utter and complete physical and physiological transformation in 3 months without any draconian training or concentration camp nutrition. Discover how to go from unhealthy and uncertain into ever-improving levels of health, wellness and fitness… Using the intersection of cutting-edge science and real-world medicine—melded with high-level athletics, results-producing coaching and elite military-preparedness training…

DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System (Book)

For Dynamic Power, Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength 
By Josh Henkin, CSCS

Book. 286 pages, paperback

In the full-contact arena, athletes contend with an ever-shifting set of challenges: sudden changes in velocity, power, force, weight, and energy-demand. The athlete needs to withstand powerful blows directed at any part of the body, to accelerate and decelerate at a moment’s notice, to strike back with blinding power and to remain stable in a highly unstable environment. The athlete needs to be this dynamic—while simultaneously minimizing the risk of personal injury. He needs a cat’s agile movement skills, a bull’s rock-like strength and a stallion’s enduring power.

The rest of us are “everyday athletes”. Yet—while the level of physical challenge may be less intense—we can still strive to cultivate the same foundational movement skills, the same foundational strength and the same foundational power. Because we want to be in the best shape we can be—to be truly fit for anything life throws at us…high-energy, less prone to injury, more capable, more self-reliant, vigorous and physically appealing.

After years of frustration and years of diligent applied-research, Josh designed a very specific type of sandbag device—and formulated a remarkably thorough training system—which has proven to meet exactly those functional athletic needs. As the name implies, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) prepares ANY athlete to handle whatever challenge comes their way—with a far greater likelihood of success and with a much-reduced chance of injury.

Pushing the Limits! (Book)

Total Body Strength With No Equipment
By Al Kavadlo

Book. 224 pages, paperback

What is more satisfying than OWNING a primally powerful, functionally forceful and brute-strong body? A body that packs a punch. A body that commands attention with its etched physique, coiled muscle and proud confidence…A body that can PERFORM at the highest levels of physical accomplishment…

Well, both Al Kavadlo—the author of Pushing the Limits!—and his brother Danny, are supreme testaments to the primal power of body culture done the old-school, ancient way—bare-handed, with your body only. The brothers Kavadlo walk the bodyweight talk—and then some. The proof is evident on every page of Pushing the Limits!

Your body is your temple. Protect and strengthen your temple by modeling the methods of the exercise masters. Al Kavadlo has modeled the masters and has the “temple” to show for it. Follow Al’s progressive plan for primal body power within the pages of Pushing the Limits!—follow in the footsteps of the great bodyweight exercise masters—and you too can build the explosive strength and possess the magnificent physique you deserve.

Stretching Your Boundaries (Book)

Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength
By Al Kavadlo

Book. 214 pages, 235 photos, paperback

Picture yourself with the elegant lines and eye-catching flexibility of a Himalayan Yogi. Watch yourself move with the fluidity and grace of a great dancer. Feel your strength as you power into and hold the most challenging of bodyweight exercise moves. See yourself ripple with the muscular, toned, symmetrical physique that signals the perfect marriage of form and function.

All of this could be yours—with the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right mentor and the right blueprint for success. Enter Al Kavadlo books. His hard-earned skills in the world of bodyweight exercise training are displayed through his words. This is a man who walks the walk of his talk—and then some. A man who models the capabilities and qualities of a bodyweight master—while also being able to teach and inspire others in the most practical of manners.

In Stretching Your Boundaries, Al provides a blueprint that anyone can follow to achieve supreme physical elegance, mobility and strength—and to amp up their game in any aspect of physical performance.

Stretching Your Boundaries could have been called “Yoga Meets Calisthenics”. Or “Zen and the Art of Stretch”. Because—as with the best of the physical culturists—there is a deep, yet lightly-carried spiritual “vibe” to Al’s teachings. There is a humble joy and a sense of well-being emanating from the man—that speaks volumes about his program.

If you really want to succeed as a physical culturist—and if you really want to live a healthy, happy, long life—then the right combination of spirit, wisdom and hard, skilled practice is the essential recipe, or template if you will. In Stretching Your Boundaries you will find the time-tested tools you need to continue cultivating yourself as a magnificent human artwork.

Fitting Al Kavadlo’s message is the medium: the book has gorgeous design and stunning photography—that will inspire you for years to come.

C-Mass (Book)

Calisthenics Mass: How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training
By Paul “Coach” Wade

Book. 136 pages, paperback

Is it really possible to add significant extra muscle-bulk to your frame using bodyweight exercise only? The answer, according to calisthenics guru and bestselling calisthenics book, Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade, is a resounding Yes. Legendary strongmen and savvy modern bodyweight bodybuilders both, have added stacks of righteous beef to their physiques—using just the secrets Paul Wade reveals in this bible-like guide to getting as strong AND as big as you could possibly want, using nothing but your own body.

Paul Wade’s trenchant, visceral style blazes with hard-won body culture insight, tactics, strategies and tips for the ultimate blueprint for getting huge naturally without free weights, machine supplements or—God forbid—steroids. With C-Mass Paul Wade further cements his position as the preeminent modern authority on how to build extraordinary power and strength with bodyweight exercise only.

Neuro-Mass (Book)

The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength
By Jon Bruney

Book. 268 pages, paperback

“How To Develop Maximum Strength, Speed, Power, Muscle and Unstoppable Conditioning – In 3 Hours Per Week Or Less”

If You Want To Be Way More MUSCULAR, Way STRONGER, Way FASTER and Ready To Handle Any Physical Challenge Any Time – This Could Be THE Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…

This notice is for you—if you’d like to achieve the following:

  • Add extra, quality, smart MUSCLE to your body
  • Quickly build maximal strength
  • Become faster and way more POWERFUL
  • Develop monster conditioning, for stallion-like endurance

What you’re about to discover isn’t ‘just another training program’ – it’s something truly special…Something ‘game changing’ in the world of strength and conditioning.

Neuro-Mass–Why It Will Make You Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Ready To Handle ANY Physical Challenge Thrown At You

Diamond-Cut Abs (Book)

How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results
By Danny Kavadlo

Book. 230 pages, paperback

“Diamond-Cut Abs condenses decades of agonizing lessons and insight into the best book on ab-training ever written. Hands down.”—PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

Are you dissatisfied with your abs? Does it seem a distant dream for you to own a rock-solid center? Can you only hanker in vain for the chiseled magnificence of a Greek statue? Have you given up on owning the tensile functionality and explosive power of a cage-fighter’s core?

According to Danny Kavadlo, training your abs is a whole-life endeavor. It’s about right eating, right drinking, right rest, right practice, right exercise at the right time, right motivation, right inspiration, right attitude and right lifestyle. If you don’t have that righteous set of abs in place, it’s because you have failed in one or more of these areas.

With his 25-plus years of rugged research and extreme physical dedication into every dimension of what it takes to earn world-class abs, Danny Kavadlo is a modern-day master of the art. It’s all here: over 50 of the best-ever exercises to develop the abs—from beginner to superman level—inspirational photos, no BS straight talk on nutrition and lifestyle factors and clear-cut instructions on what to do, when. Supply the grit, follow the program and you simply cannot fail but to build a monstrous mid-section.

In our culture, Abs are the Measure of a Man. To quit on your abs is to quit on your masculinity—like it or not. Diamond-Cut Abs gives you the complete, whole-life program you need to reassert yourself and reestablish your respect as a true physical specimen—with a thunderous six-pack to prove it.

CrossCore® Hardcore, Revolutionary Resistance (Book)

How to Build Maximum Muscle and Extreme Strength Without Weights, Machines or Gyms
By Marty Gallagher and Dr. Chris Hardy, with Michael Krivka

Book. 160 pages, paperback

“Using Gallagher’s CrossCore® Hardcore protocols, I was able to bring my biceps and triceps to positive failure within ten reps. I would never have thought that possible. The CrossCore® Hardcore strategies will tax the strongest amongst you on a lot of exercises. Some of the crazy angles you can use are unlike anything I have ever encountered in 40 years of training….as far as a mobile, portable, take-anywhere training tool, this thing rocks!”—KIRK KARWOSKI, 6-time IPF world champion, 7-time US national champion, Current IPF world record holder

“I love training tools that are heavily researched and that diversify my programming. CrossCore® Hardcore offers ideas for how to train athletes with intention—with purpose. It shows how this one great tool has benefits that can be very sport specific, and it demands that you progressively train in all planes of motion utilizing the athlete’s bodyweight. CrossCore® Hardcore as a study and as a method is AWESOME!”—STEVE HESS, professional basketball strength and conditioning coach.