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A Conversation With Andrea DuCane | Winter Garden Yoga, Brian Friedman

*Audio and Video Version* “The First Lady of Kettlebell”, Andrea DuCane and Brian Friedman present a podcast that is truly a cut above the rest. This episode contains a complete collection of insider’s perspective that’s a gold mine of information. Whether you’re a yoga person, a kettlebell athlete, or a person of a certain age, it’s a sure thing … you’ll benefit from checking this out! Andrea has worked with clients of all levels from all over the world. For decades, Ms. DuCane has been at the forefront of the fitness industry. She’s carefully sifted through what works … and more [...]


Training Special Populations

Why focus on Special Populations? Let’s discuss the unglamorous fitness market of Special Populations (SP). This large group includes: seniors, de-conditioned, post re-hab and pregnant women. For the purpose of this article I will focus on seniors and de-conditioned populations. Many of us have lots of clients that fit into this category. That’s why it is important to realize we are much more than a personal trainer, we are the first line of defense against life’s effects and lifestyle choices. Our success working with this SP is the ability to safelyand effectivelylead them to a place of health and fitness.I believe the [...]