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The Importance of Movement: Simple Strategies To Add It To Your Life

I just had an eye opening experience that gave me a new appreciation for the importance of creating an ageless body. I recently had minor surgery, and for about 3 days afterwards I moved like a very elderly person. Needing help to get up and down the stairs and in and out of chairs. I thought, so this is what it’s like to not have the strength or mobility to live a “normal” life. Thank goodness this was only temporary, but for many people it’s their life. I truly believe we have the ability to control much the aging process. There [...]


Kettlebell Workouts: A completely unique total body workout

A number of years ago I wrote an article for Twin Cities Wellness introducing and explaining Pilates as a fabulous fitness program. I still believe in Pilates and continue to teach classes. I now want to introduce you to a new and completely unique total body workout. That’s a tall order, an all-in-one fitness program. It is very rare to run across a completely new and different form of exercise–one that includes strength training, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health and fat loss, in one workout! The Russian kettlebell is a time-tested system of strength and endurance training. I would like to [...]