Give Your “Kettlebell Boomer” Clients the Body of Their Dreams

Give Your “Kettlebell Boomer” Clients the Body of Their Dreams

The Safe, Practical – And Highly Effective – Way to Give Your “Kettlebell Boomer” Clients the Golden Body of Their Dreams

Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC

There are an estimated 77.3 million “Baby Boomers” in the United States. Ranging from middle age to early retirement. Of this group most are still in the work force and earning good money. Some are beginning to retire with fairly secure incomes. Because of the G.I. Bill and the increased interest in higher education, a record number of this generation attended college and attained college and post-graduate degrees. Recent health studies have shown that in general, the higher a persons education the more likely they will be to join a health club, go to a yoga class and take an active interest in their health. In other words, they have the interest, motivation AND money to seek out effective training tools and workout programs.

Why is this important? Because if you are a kettlebell instructor – or are currently thinking about kettlebell training as a career – this just might be your ticket to a successful business.

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