The Goddess Workouts

The Goddess Workouts

Act it, Live it, Look It, Be It, Feeeeeel It!
How to Be Every Inch A Goddess,
Look Like An Immortal… And Feel Like Heaven

By Andrea Du Cane, Senior RKC

I have arranged for These Six Powerful Kettlebell Goddess Workouts to Destroy the Pitiful Earthling in You and Replace it With a Bona Fide Godly Bod. Just DO the darn things and I personally guarantee your results.” —Zeus, Mount Olympus

So…which Goddess do you want to be today? There is finally a simple way to become the Goddess you’ve always wanted to be. My Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD helps you do just that.

I have created Six Goddess workouts that represent the special quality of each Goddess.

Each one is a complete workout from warm up to cool down, and each workout has its own focus. These workouts are deliberately designed to challenge and inspire you into the very best shape possible… After all, your divinity is at stake!

Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt

Workout Focus: Upper Body

Time to be the hunter, not the prey! Just think about Artemis, bow and arrow in hand. Have you ever used a bow and arrow? Well, it takes enormous upper body strength and control. Nobody wanted to mess with Artemis (she had one poor fellow ripped to death by his own hounds for spying on her naked) and no one’s going to mess with you after an Artemis workout.

I have created a workout that will dramatically increase your overall upper body strength.

The exercises include:
Windmills, Chest Press, See Saw Press, French Press, Crush Curl, Swings/Cleans/Snatches. In this workout there is a nice balance of chest, back, core and arms. For the back the drills target the lats as well as the rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles. Windmills strengthen the lats, obliques, rotator cuff, shoulders and hips. See Saw Press works the lats, shoulders, arms and a bit of chest. French Press targets the lats, triceps and rhomboids. Crush Curl, of course works the biceps. And Chest Press works the pecs and shoulders.

The Artemis workout finishes with a circuit of 10-swings, 10-cleans, 10-snatches each arm.

Auxesia: Goddess of Growth

Workout Focus: Abs & Core

Grow in strength, not body fat! If you are having trouble keeping off the lard while growing in strength, the Auxesia will fix you up just fine. Think of growth as starting at the core and radiating outward. You need a strong core to sustain the external strength of the arms and legs as well as good balance.

This workout includes: Turkish Get Up, Renegade Rows, Farmers Walks, Slow KB Twist, Russian Twist and Power Breathing situps. Not only will you get amazingly strong abs, The TGU and Renegade Rows will strengthen the shoulders, chest and back.

Have you noticed the flat, toned abs and lean midsections of female kettlebell athletes? Do you want that for yourself? Then this is the workout for you.

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory

Workout Focus: Full Body Strength

The story goes that Athena jumped out of her dad Zeus’s head, spear and shield in hand, ready to do battle. You’ll feel the same way after doing this powerful workout. For Athena I created a balanced workout to strengthen the whole body.

This workout includes: Military Press, Front Squat, Lat Pull, 1-Legged DL, Clean/Press/Overhead Squat, 10 Swings, 10 Cleans, 10 Snatches and Standing Power Breathing. This workout is a balance of pulls and presses, upper and lower body with cardio and abs. This is an awesome workout—just look at Athena, if you don’t believe me.

Callipygos: Surname for Aphrodite, means “beautiful buttocks”:

Workout Focus: Legs & Butt<

Show me a woman who claims she doesn’t want to own divinely toned legs and butt, and I’ll show you a liar! Get with the Callipygos program and your friends will be mad with envy at your newly athletic, sleek-as-all-get-go lower half.

But I want to warn you, this Callipygos/Aphrodite is no beautiful push-over. After all, the myth has it she was born from the castrated genitals of the sky-god Uranos, when they were cast into the sea by his rebellious son Kronos. Phew! Do I detect a hint of latent testosterone lurking behind that gorgeous exterior?

This workout includes: Pistols, Front Squat, 1-legged DL, Step-Back Lunges, Good Mornings, and ends with a circuit of 1-Swing, 1-Clean, 1-Snatch. Each of these exercises targets the butt and legs in slightly different ways, enhancing the results. For instance, the Front Squat favors the quad and Good Mornings hit you hard in the hamstring. While both Pistols and 1-Legged DL require you to work one leg and glute at a time.

Nike: Goddess of Victory

Workout Focus: Cardio & Endurance

Winner takes all! When you’re Nike you don’t leave anything on the table. I mean, anything! Nike was known for blazing speed and athletic achievement. You too, madam, now, you too… This is a simple yet brutally effective muscular and cardio endurance workout. As befits the Goddess of Victory…

The Nike workout includes: Clean/Squat/Press, Snatches, Swing/Catch/Squat, Snatches, Walking Swings, Rolling Deck Squats. If you’re not streaming with sweat you weren’t doing the Nike workout. This is an incredibly effective fat-burning workout. I have put in a short circuit of presses and squats to increase the muscle burn. So not only are you increasing your heart rate, you are building muscle strength and endurance.

Odyne: Goddess of Pain

Workout Focus: Strength & Cardio Kick-Butt

How could I resist? Goddess of Pain? Apparently, Odyne made no distinction between Play and Work… because they both involved sweet, sweet pain … Perfect!

This workout includes: Swings, 1-Legged MP, Walking Swings, 1-Legged Lat Pull, Snatches, Dragon Walks, Double Swings, Double Cleans. The Military Press and Lat pulls are done on one leg, making it much harder and requires full body tension. Interspersed with variations of swings and snatches. Enjoy (you sick puppy)!

Hey, I’d love to hear the results you get with these great Goddess workouts. You can post your comments on the strength forum, review the DVD on its dragondoor webpage and/or you can email me.

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