Dragon Door Interviews Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC

Dragon Door Interviews Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC

Interview by Adrienne Harvey, RKC II, CK-FMS, Primal Move Nat’l Instructor

Dragon Door: How did you get involved with training special populations?

Andrea Du Cane: I had just finished a Pilates training when I got involved with kettlebells early in their introduction to the US. After I began teaching, a couple of chiropractors and osteopaths took a class from me. One of them had been working with another instructor who didn’t focus on form or technique. So when he came to me he liked my coaching style and how he felt. We developed a relationship and he ended up sending me a lot of his “problem” clients. Quickly, I started getting a lot of experience working with special populations.

As a dancer and martial artist, I had developed a good eye for movement, that’s probably where it started. Being able to quickly assess and see movement, shapes, to perform them yourself and communicate that to others was invaluable. Developing cues that people understand, having patience and intuition are also essential. I love how we all share information, cueing, and brainstorming in the RKC.

Later, the kettlebell world began to delve into corrective exercises, by that time I’d already made my Working with Special Populations DVD with tools from other modalities, research, and backgrounds. Of course it’s cool working with an athletic person, making them a little bit faster or stronger, but the satisfaction of changing someone’s life is something that feeds me. I really enjoying the feeling I get from helping someone else feel better.

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